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Cell boosters. Cellular repeaters. Cell phone signal boosters.

With an extensive array of test equipment and a highly skilled RF design team Telcosat is able to take your design concept and turn it in to a hardware reality. 

RF Design Services and PCB Board Layout

To learn more about our RF Design Services please click here to email Telcosat.

Telcosat circuit board designers ensure that the placement of parts meets the needs of your electrical and mechanical architecture. Our detailed experience and expertise in PCB layouts includes high density, high speed, digital and RF circuits where signal integrity and electrical performance are critical. Our PCB board layout expertise covers, signal boosters, amplifiers, RF up convertors and down convertors utilizing phase locked loop PLL technology, LNA amplifiers, RF power amplifiers, GPS amplifiers, cellular down convertors.  Our circuits are generally designed to withstand operating temperatures as low as -40oC to at least +50oC.

ProtoType Board Building

This service works well for small companies who do not have a design lab set up and are looking for low volume prototyping boards with a fast turn around. If you have a circuit design with no ability to build and test your board...NO PROBLEM. Contact Telcosat now to discuss your design concept by clicking here to email us, or call us on CANADA + 403 291 4031

850 GSM CDMA WCDMA Cell Phone Signal Booster

Whether you need indoor cell phone signal to cover 100,000sq ft or simply need to get cell phone reception to an outdoor location, the versatile remote control and monitoring RBB850 GSM CDMA WCDMA cell phone signal booster is the product to solve your signal reception problems. Operating in the 850MHz band means that the signal from this booster will not only travel further outside, but also penetrate inside buildings, so you can make calls in places that previously were dead zones.

Telcosat Inc. RBB900 GSM Mobile Booster
  • AT&T
  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • T-Mobile
The RBB-850 is packed with innovative technologies such as;
  • Oscillation detection,
  • Frequency down conversion IF technology,
  • Smart digital power control,
  • Full software settable interface for RF Gain,
  • Forward Gain,
  • Reverse Gain,
  • Max RF power,
  • Max Gain,
  • Temperature Alarms,
  • Current Alarms,
  • Remote monitoring access for power on/power off,
  • Remote adjustments,
  • all via the internet.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Solutions

Telcosat continues to be innovative by developing new CDMA, GSM, 4G and LTE cell phone booster products for the communications industry. Our flagship product is a high quality cell phone signal booster - a product which improves cell phone signal reception in areas located in poor or non-existent cellular service areas.

Researched and Manufactured in Canada

Telcosat is a wholly owned Canadian company. We design, build, test and support your repeater or DAS (Distributed Antenna System) from our head quarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Your repeater is designed and manufactured in Canada.

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Cell Phone Signal Where You Need It

Telcosat Inc. RPT-900 Cellular Repeater

Many of our customers are unsure of the specific solution that they are looking for, however, they do realize that they have a cell phone signal  issue.

  • Are you suffering with poor cell phone signal, causing lost/dropped calls?
  • Do you need cell phone service?
  • Do you need remote or rural cell phone coverage?
  • Do you require cellular coverage for large buildings and underground areas?
  • Would you like to flood cellular shadow areas with full cellular service?
  • Do you want to extend the limits of your cell phone signal coverage area?
  • Do you need expert help in solving your cell phone signal coverage problems?
  • Do you require cellular coverage deep underground with fibre optic interface?
  • Do you want in-building cell phone signal coverage for your office or retail space?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, Contact Telcosat Today and discover how we can help you.